Hello, teachers!
1. This bread [stinks, is stinking]. * Which is correct or common?
2. You are stinking of/like wine! * Which is correct or common. "of" or "like"?
3. He [stands, is standing] to lose the game. * Which is correct or common?
4. They are/stand waiting to see who takes the first step. * Do these have the same meaning?
Thank you very much.
Enjoy the rain calling spring.
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The verb in the first two sentences is like "smell," and is used as a stative verb here: smell.

The preposition in the second sentence could be either "of" or "like," although probably "like" is more frequent, especially used in such a rude sentence like this one. ("Stink" used to refer to a person is extremely rude.)

In the third sentence, "stand to" + the simple form of the verb is an idiom. It means "probably going to." There is no –ing form of "stand" with this idiom.

In the last sentence, only "are waiting" would be usual.


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