Is it correct to say:

" We are in the same status quo."

Thank you for your help.

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It's possible to use your sentence. Here are some examples from Google using the phrase "in the same status quo":

He is the Pastor President from the CBC (Christian Biblical Church), the only institution
that is recognized as a church in the same "status-quo" as the ...

... Oh and sorry Tinker, I'm still in school so the state mandates I stay in the
same status quo
for 5 years Frown. Posted by: alan on July 11, 2003 08:54 AM ...

... analysis and win over the people by correcting its actions and practices or give
the public supporting PFDJ different labels and stay in the same status quo. ...

... Skagway will remain in the same status quo it has been for the past 41 years,"
he said, adding that there is no current interest by Haines in annexing ...

... Only then will progress occur. As long as the GOBS network exist in this
county change will not occur we will continue in the same status quo ...

... The last thing, we felt, was to go for another study that is going to
leave everyone in limbo, in the same status quo kind of situation. ... -

You could phrase your ideas in other ways, too. For example:

We are in the same status.
We remain in the same status.
We are maintaining the same status.
We continue in the status quo.


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