Choose the sentence that has a subject complement.

1.The nurse felt my pulse.
2.I felt much better.
3.The day ended with many surprises.
4.We can't leace without seeing her.
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1. A SVO sentence.

2. A SVC sentence.

3. A SVO sentence. "End with" is treated just like a single transitive verb.

To determine whether a verb phrase like this (V+Prep) can be treated like a single transitive verb, one needs only to look it up in a dictioary and check whether the verb phrase is listed as a fixed phrase. If one can find it listed in the dictionary, then it is more likely to be treated like a single transitive verb.

Sometimes a more complex verb phrase, such as "take care of" may also be treated as a single transitive verb.

4. A SVA sentence. "Leace"?

Chuncan Feng

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