First impression and how effective it can be plays an important role in communication.


It's a sentence from a mock exam held in Iran. To me, the sentence is not well written. Here's my revision:

A first impression (or First impressions) and how effective it can be play an important role in communication.


Well, It's a compound (plural) subject, consisting of two distinct things, the impression and how it is received. So the verb should be plural. 

One of my colleagues, however, disagrees that a plural "play" is required here. This is because the conjunct is somewhat lopsided. He says the sentence is about an impression and one of its characteristics.


What do you think?

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Hi, Freeguy,

I agree with your friend about the verb being fine in the singular, based on this (taken from The American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style):

Sometimes compound subjects are governed by a sense of unity and by notional agreement take a singular verb: My name and address is printed on the box. His colleague and friend [one person] deserves equal credit. Using a singular or plural verb changes the meaning of the sentence. Eating garlic and drinking red wine sometimes gives me a headache means that the combination of garlic and red wine can cause a headache. With a plural verb (give), the sentence implies that garlic and red wine act separately; either can bring on a headache.


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