"I remember hearing someone say the bookstore downstairs is having a sale this weekend"

Is the sentence correct? Sound natural?

Is the "say" in "hearing someone say" the subjunctive form? I am not sure if it conveys the meaning that I heard and someone said before. Is there a past tense of "hearing someone say" to express my exact meaning?
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Hi alexwlh,
1. I don't think that this has to do with the "Subjunctive". The verb (hear) is among a group of verbs, including: watch, see, and notice,which can have either the (ing) form or the "bare infinitive" form depending on the meaning. for example:

-I heard him sing. (you heard the whole action)
-I heard him singing. (you heard part of the action)
In your example the speaker heard all of the words.

2. The use of (remember+ing) is quite enough to show that you are referring to the past.
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