What is the Tag Question for:
No One has come to the party.

Fahed Al Hussaini

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Michael Swan states in his book (Practical English Usage) that:

We use it in question tags to refer to nothing and everything

Nothing can happen, can it?

We use they to refer to nobody, somebody and everybody (and no one etc).

Nobody phoned, did they?
Somebody wanted a drink, didn't they? Who was it?

Therefore, the correct question tag here should be No one has come to the party, have they?
PromegaX is correct: "Nobody has come to the party, have they?"

There is one other way to make a tag ending here. If you were talking about an all-male group, you might say: "Nobody has come yet, has he?" And for an all-female group, "nobody has come yet, has she?" This way of stating the tag question, though, would not be used very frequently.


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