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Emad Ragheb posted:

"Yesterday, we were discussing the new project and (having /had ) a good time as well. 

It should be 'having'. We were (discussing  ...and having= enjoying ...).

Hello, Emad,

I agree with Ahmed_btm that "and having a good time" is probably the answer that is wanted, but "and had a good time" is also OK. Either way, the sentence is  rather awkward with "as well" at the end.

The intended meaning, I assume, is that "we" had a good time while "we" were discussing the new project. "As well" suggests that "had/having a good time" was something that occurred separately. I would revise the sentence:

(a) Yesterday, we had a good time discussing the project.
(b) Yesterday, we discussed the project and had a good time doing so.

The use of the progressive ("were discussing") doesn't seem justified by the sentence. Is there a reason to focus on the middle part of the action. We would normally do that if there was an interruption of some kind -- e.g.:

(c) Yesterday, we were discussing the project and having a good time doing so when in marched the project manager, who spoiled our fun.

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