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Before you mentioned about him, I ………….. of that novelist.
(hadn’t ever heard-
haven’t ever heard) 

I think you mean: 'Before what you mentioned about him, I (hadn't / had never) ever heard of....... .'

I agree with your tense choice, Ahmed. "Mention" is normally a transitive verb. That seems to be the motivation for your revision to "Before what you mentioned about him." Webster's dictionary doesn't even list an intransitive usage. But I do recognize it, and it's fairly common among native speakers. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) devotes a fair amount of space to it. I'd describe this intransitive usage as normal but a bit informal.


 2. intransitive. To make reference or allusion in passing. With about, †of.

840   F. Marryat Poor Jack xv. 105   Jack, don't you mention about this?
1925   Redbook May 164/2   I just mentioned about his meeting her and kissing her hand, and I kind of laughed and said Pappa was getting to be quite a sheik.
1990   R. Doyle Snapper (1993) 32   Did you mention about a job for Leslie to him?

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