Emad Ragheb posted:

It (rained /was raining) for three days. The farmers were happy to water their land.

What is the right answer?

Hello, Emad,

Both answers work in the first sentence:

(1) It rained for three days.
(2) It was raining for three days.

The more normal, matter-of-fact sentence is (1). Sentence (2) has the same basic meaning, but the past progressive there conveys that the speaker found the period to be rather long and is suggestive of slight irritation about the weather.

What makes the sentence pair of the example strange is the second sentence, which doesn't work in the context of the first, no matter which answer is chosen. The test question was probably not reviewed by a native speaker of English.

In "The farmers were happy to water their land," the farmers do the watering, not the rain. it should be changed either to "The farmers were happy to be able to water their land" or to "The farmers were happy to have their land watered."

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