tenses for commenting an article

If commenting an article, is it right to use past tense to describe what the author has written (verb) and use present tense to describe adjective?
Example 1: The study exhibited the motivation of the study by quoting contemporary business environment issues.
Example 2: The research questions and research objectives are consistent and reflected the problem statement.
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Hello, Joshua.

I don't know what you mean by "reflected the problem statement." One thing is certain: it does not sound right. Perhaps you meant to say "deal with / address the problem stated."

Leaving that aside, I'd say that example (2) does not sound right with present and past. I'd use the present for both verbs.

The choice of present or past may depend on whether you want to make your description sound more vivid (present) or like a more distant account of a past study.
If commenting an article
when reviewing or commenting an article
The phrase to use, Joshua, is "commenting on an article." It's ungrammatical to speak of "commenting an article" or "commenting something." The preposition is needed. Note that we also use "on" (or "about") in "make a comment on something," as in "He made a number of comments on / about the article."

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