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Here is the sentence I am struggling with:

"DataFriend is our software that maximizes your efficiency."

My gut says this is wrong. If the sentence said the software or a software or just software, I'd be on board. But using "that" as a relative pronoun when the noun we're defining is preceded by a possessive determiner... feels wrong.

The thing is, I don't know why it feels wrong.

Is there a grammar mistake here?

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Hello, Maynor, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

@Maynor posted:

"DataFriend is our software that maximizes your efficiency."

Your sentence above does not sound right because "that maximizes your efficiency" is a defining or restrictive relative clause, and "our software" is definite enough to be further defined.

This might sound better, but it may be commercially awkward:

- DataFriend is the software of ours that maximizes your efficiency.

Alternatively, you could just say:

- Our DataFriend software maximizes your efficiency.

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