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Hello, everyone,

1. The all inclusive system soon gave way to a new one.

2. All other systems soon gave way to the new one.

3. The all other systems soon gave way to the new one.

I hope (1) and (2) are fine. I think (3) is incorrect. Can someone help me understand what makes (1) different from (3) ?


PS to David: God willing,  I will soon return to the other open thread. I need to do a little reading there.

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Ahmad, in (1) "all-inclusive" is a one-word adjective (which should be hyphenated) generally used in the field of tourism to mean that all the services are included. In (1):

the is the definite article
all-inclusive is an adjective
system is a noun

(The noun phrase refers to a system that includes everything.)

The structure above has nothing to do with the ungrammatical *the all other systems.

You can say:

- other systems
- all systems
- the other systems
- all the systems
- all other systems
- all the other systems

"the all other" is NOT a possible combination in English grammar.

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