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@Former Member posted:

Insert the definite article where necessary and give reasons:

'Monkeys are intelligent animals. Buy they are not the most intelligent of all ___ animals'

'___ world opinion is against ___ aggression'

'___ pen is mightier than ___ sword'

Are these homework problems you are working on, May123? The Grammar Exchange is not for helping learners cheat on homework assignments. If you have a specific grammatical question, however, we can certainly discuss it.

@Former Member posted:

Im self-studying English grammar. I'm using Longman's comprehensive English grammar by eckersley. The problem is that the textbook doesn't have answers so I have to ask someone what the right answer is in order to learn from it.

So this is potentially the first of hundreds of such questions. Are you looking for a private language tutor to guide you through textbooks or provide systematic grammar instruction for free? That is not what the Grammar Exchange is for.

@Former Member posted:

Yes, I don't see what the problem is.

I think you have misunderstood the nature of this site, May123. This is not a place where you can post a command like "Insert the definite article where necessary and give reasons" and have your self-study exercises done for you.

The Grammar Exchange is a site where you can pose topical questions about the grammar of English and have those questions discussed. The questions should be specific and related to specific examples.

If an exercise set is devoted to article usage, this does not automatically render the exercise set suitable for being posted at this site. You could, however, post a question about a case of article usage you are having trouble with.

If you want help here with a particular homework exercise, what you can do is post the exercise (citing the source), politely request our help with it, state what you believe the correct answer to be, and give your reasoning.

Should you take this approach, the exercises you start threads about should be appropriately titled, related to the grammatical topic. Please keep in mind that a member may not start more than four threads a day.

We'll be happy to provide you with help if you use the website appropriately.

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