This time next week,I ..... the final match .Im confident of myself(will win/will be winning/May be winning

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Hi, Ahmed55,

Adverbials formed by "this time" + a NP indicating future are typically used with the future progressive (to indicate an action in progress in the future). Since the person is confident about his/her performance, "will" works better than "may":

- This time next week I will be winning the final match.

Dear Gustavo, hope that you're fine.


Gustavo, Contributor posted:

- This time next week I will be winning the final match.

I just was wondering if you could clarify the meaning of the verb "win" in that context.

Does it mean:

1. "To get something as a prize" I would think it won't take much time to happen, i.e. using "win" in the progressive form is a bit awkward, isn't it?


2. To be most successful at a specific point during the game" like when I say:

Who's winning?

I guess the two meanings are different, aren't they?

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Hello, Hussein,

The sentence:

- This time next week I will be winning the final match.

may refer to some moment in the future when the person will be at a (temporary) advantage with respect to his/her competitor during the course of the match, or to some moment near the end of the match when the person's victory is irreversible.

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