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ayman posted:

Id like to know whether this sentence is Ok.

I am reading a book tomorrow.

Is using "the present continuous" here OK or using "be going to ..." is better.

Hello, Ayman,

The sentence "I am reading a book tomorrow" is OK. However, I think it is fine that your ESL book is advising learners not to use it, because the sentence requires a special context, and it's not one that learners need to be told about.

Suppose you have a job of reading things to people. Today you were scheduled to read a poem to them and did so. Tomorrow you are scheduled to read a book. That is a context in which "I am reading a book tomorrow" would work.

The context I have just given is one in which there is an arrangement. Your textbook says that there is no arrangement, but that's because the authors didn't trouble themselves to think of unusual cases, and that's OK.

To simply express your intention, use "I'm going to read a book tomorrow."

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