What is the difference between there was no, there was not a and there was not any

  • Yesterday I visited a very undevelopped area in my tour of Africa. I rented a room in a hotel there. The hotel lacked basic facilites. There was no television set/ not a television set/ not any television set in the room.



  • To negate the sentence "there are some televison sets in The US." We can say either "There are not any/no television sets in The US."
  • But To negate the sentence "there is a twlevision set in my room.", is there only one way? Is there another way to say "there is no television in my room."
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Hi, Subhajit,

"There is/was no television set" and "There are/were no television sets" are by far the most usual forms.

"not a" and "not any" are emphatic ("not" will be usually contracted):

A: Well, at least you had a TV set.
B: What are you speaking about? There wasn't a TV set!

A: Well, you can watch the TV.
B: But there aren't any TV sets here!

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