Is there a difference between "think of" and "think about"?
Please, Help. I'm totally confused after I have been searching online.
Ex: I often think (of, about) the time we spent in Rome that I can't forget.
Thank You.

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We use "think about" to speaking of something occupying one's thoughts:

a: I've been thinking about her all day.

We can also use "think of" to mean the same thing:

b: I've been thinking of her all day.

Thus, in your example, both "about" and "of" work:

c: I often think (of/about) the time we spent in Rome.

(I would leave off the phrase "that I can't forget".  If it were forgettable, you wouldn't often think about it.)

However, we also use "think of" (but not "think about") to speak of having an idea come to us suddenly:

d: I just thought of a simple solution to the problem we've been agonizing over.  Please set up a meeting this afternoon so I can explain it to the staff.

So, "think about" means one thing, and "think of" can mean the same thing, but it can also mean other things.  I hope this helps.


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