I don't know exactly how to express this in a very natural sounding way. I would like to say that I always put my blanket and pillows in an orderly way when I get up in the morning.I tried to come up with a sentence down here. Please give me other ways to express this.

When I wake up in the morning, I always tidy up my bed.

It is always quite complicated to express things sometimes, I am so happy I have you guys to help me on this, thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot!^^
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I totally got the wrong idea now that. I was thinking that "make a bed" means to prepare my bed before sleeping. So, I am curious, what will you say then before sleeping?

We have an expression: turn down the bed(s), Iwtk. Although I must admit that I don't hear it used often.
Hi, Richard, thanks a lot! ^^ I am just curious because in my case, I don't really sleep in bed. I have to set up some blankets on the floor for me to sleep. So, in this case is it possible to say;

I have to make my bed now.

Thanks a lot!
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We only use the expression to make the bed(s) after we get up and we want the beds to look "presentable."

When we're getting ready to go to bed, we say we're going to turn down the bed(s). It means to remove a bedspread that might be covering the bed, fold the blanket and top sheet over from the pillow towards the foot of the bed, and perhaps fluff up the pillow(s).

I hope I've explained all of this clearly, my friend. (I think I've just started to get sleepy! Wink )
Hi iwtk
In your case, as your bed isn't there during the day,I would say that you make it in the evening. As far as I'm concerned you can make your bed (or not) at any time of day. My son, for example, never makes his bed.
Note also the expression 'You've made your bed, now lie in it'.
"In your case, as your bed isn't there during the day,I would say that you make it in the evening."

Hi,Tessa, Thank you so much for the response. Yes, In my case I set up some blankets on the floor only at night for me to sleep because I don't have a bed.I already got what Richard has said on this. I would like to know exactly how will I say when I am setting up my blankets on the floor for me to sleep. So, is this somehow possible to say

"I have to make my bed now." OR Can I just say;
"I have to prepare my bed now." ?

Thanks a lot to both of you.^^

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