joshua posted:

(1) Poor introduction to the scenario of the topic.  

(2) Poor introduction of the scenario of the topic.  

May I know which of the above sentence is grammatical? 

Hi, Joshua,

Neither (1) nor (2) is a sentence. They are each noun phrases, and even as noun phrases they are not well formed. "Introduction" is a count noun and takes an article: "a" or "the."

If you began the noun phrases with "a" or "the," either noun phrase would be possible. To decide between "to" and "of," one would need to take into account the context, and you haven't provided a context.

Once you fix the noun phrase, you will be well on your way to, but still a long way from, having an actual sentence. Among other things, you will need to decide whether the noun phrase is a sentence subject or an object within a sentence.

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