I'm doing some proofreading for a client's post about sequins (she's a fashion blogger). The first line starts, "'Tis the season to be... sequin." Is this correct?  My gut says it should be "sequined or sequinned."  Any insight would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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I'm sorry that I've been unable to respond to your post.  I've been under the weather.

I think that your client was attempting to be clever by using the semi-assonant rhyme combination of "season" and "sequin".  It doesn't work for me, at least out of context.  I agree with your preference of "sequined" or "sequinned" (both spellings are accepted).

I'm curious though.  Was there a precedent or subsequent line that ended in a word that was supposed to rhyme with "sequin"?

I'm imagining chipmunks roasting on an open fire, and my dreams are haunted by their squeakin'.

A very new year to you.


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