I am curious as to the exact definition of a transitive verb. I had been under the impression that it is a verb which takes a direct object; however, I read something in 501 English Verbs which gives the impression that a transitive verb is one which is followed by an object (direct OR indirect). Also, is there an easy way to memorize the verb lists (verb + gerund and/or infinitve)? Students often ask me this. Thank you!
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I found the following message in the archive.
Hope this answers your second question.

I agree with Ann Raimes, a respected grammarian, who says:

"Grammarians have attempted to establish systems to explain the use of the infinitive or -ing after certain verbs, but these systems are, for the most part, complex and full of loopholes and exceptions. Rather than trying to master these systems, you can save time by simply memorizing the verbs that are regularly followed by either ... . "

Barbara Matthies


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