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I don't understand is it better to say business travel or business trip?

Family travel or family trip? Why and how can we use travel as a noun? In what situations?

Thank you!

Hi, OverlyCurious—"Travel" is a noncount noun, and "trip" is a count noun; so the meaning is different. Family travel will likely comprise more than one family trip for a single family over a period of many years, and business travel will likely comprise more than one business trip over an extended time period.

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Hi, OverlyCurious,

So if I want to say I am  going on a family trip/ business trip, "trip" would be the best word to say here right because I am talking about one trip and not many?

That's correct.

Also could you give me some example sentences where we could use "family travel" and "business travel"?

As David explained to you, "travel" is uncountable. Notice this example:

- I do a lot of family travel (= I go on many family trips).

The noun "travel" would be equivalent to the gerund "traveling," meaning the action of traveling (made up of multiple trips).

Hello Gustavo,

Thank you for your responses

"I do a lot of family travel"- sounds weird to me I don't know why... but "go on many family trips" sounds more natural. To me using family travel seems very weird, I would rather say family travels (like His family travels always amazed him).

Could I say...

-Enough business travel for now.

- We have done a little family travel over the last 5 years.

- A good deal of family travel will be done here, so get ready.

- A lack of business travel will do you good.


Thank you!

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