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Would I be right to say that there has been a typing mistake in the following sentence ?

"The papers were full of angry protests from China about the visits the Japanese prime minister has (?) made there."

Should it not be "had" ?

Thank you .


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It's not necessarily a typo. One would expect the past perfect, "had made" after a main verb in the past tense, but it's very common for speakers and writers to use the present perfect. For example:

1a. I saw Beth yesterday and she told me about the house she's bought

2a. My father scolded my brother at dinner about all the dents he's put in my father's car

Here are some examples from Google:

Fighting tears, he talked about the people he's known who have died

And during the tours, team officials talked about the progress they've made in selling the park and about what is to come in spring 2004

A panel of Fairmount members talked about the decisions they've made on behalf of aging parents or for themselves and the sometimes difficult choices about...

It's even more common to have the present perfect progressive in the dependent clause:

1b. I saw Marianna yesterday and she told me about the guy she's been dating for the past month

2b. My father scolded my brother about all the money he's been spending

In both cases, the action in the dependent clause is felt to have current relevance--right up to the moment of speaking.

Marilyn Martin
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