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@subhajit123 posted:

Thank you David. If I said  "As it had been decided by the directors, the company hired 5000 men last year." would that be correct too? I mean shoud I use the word it after 'as'?

I hope you, as well as David, don't mind my stepping in.

In sentence (4), "as" is a relative pronoun which refers to the whole sentence "the company hired 5,000 men last year." Therefore, the presence of "it" is incorrect because you don't need to refer to the decision, which is already referred to by "as." Although (4) is much better, it is grammatically possible to place the comment clause at the end, where the main clause/relative clause relationship is even clearer:

(6) The company hired 5,000 men last year(,) as had been decided by the directors.

For "as" to be followed by "it," as needs to be a conjunction:

(7) As it (hiring 5,000 men) had been decided by the directors, the managers had to hire 5,000 men last year. (Here "as" means "because": the directors' decision forced the managers to hire 5,000 men.)

Instead, in (4) or (6) it does not make sense to interpret "as" as "because" (there is not a causal but an identity relationship: the hiring of 5,000 men was what the directors had decided) — therefore, "it" is wrong.

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