Should nouns before 'except', 'other than" and 'but' be plural or singular? I have given some example sentences.

1- I don't have any friend(s) but/except/other than you.
2- I have no friend(s) but/except/other than you.
3- I don't have a friend except/but you.

I think plural nouns are more common in this case.
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Hi, Subhajit,

I don't like sentence (3). It doesn't sound right to me. Let's see what David or DocV can tell us.

Both the singular and the plural are possible in sentences (1) and (2), but the plural sounds more natural and therefore more usual, perhaps because one expects anybody to have more than just one friend. The singular sounds better to me in this slightly more emphatic sentence:

4- I have no other friend than you.

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