Usage of "present perfect" and "simple past"

Hi there, can anyone please tell me if I should use have learned or learned in the following contexts?

Here is the first context:

Me: Hey Tom, I gave you 100 dollars and told you to divide the money between you and your three siblings equally. Did you do that? Tom: Yes, I kept 50 dollars for me and divided the rest money between them.
Me: Nope!! Where did you learn/have you learned to count?

Here is the second context:

John: Subha, do you know spanish? Me: Yes, I learned/have learned it in an institution near Kolkata.

Original Post

Hello, Subhajit: In each case the past tense is needed. If you used the present perfect, native speakers would identify you as a nonnative speaker. In your first example, the questioner is presupposing that his interlocutor has learned to count (incorrectly). The question is where he did so.

"Where have you learned to count?" could work in a context in which the interlocutor is presupposed to have learned how to count at various places. Maybe he has learned different styles of counting. Maybe, for example, one could learn ancient Indian counting methods at the Taj Mahal or something. taj

In your second example, when the interlocutor answers "Yes" to the question "Do you know Spanish?," it is implied that he has learned Spanish: one couldn't know Spanish without having learned it! The question is where the learning took place. Using the present perfect there would make no sense.


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