I think the word, write-up, refers to anything you write. I am going to make up two examples with it. 

(1a) Thank you for your birthday. I really enjoyed reading your write-up in it.

(2a) We had a great trip to the USA. After that, we had reflections on our experience there. When I read my friends' write-ups about their experience, I found out that we had very different opinions about the trip.

Am I using the word correctly? Thank you very much for your valuable time and help.

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ansonman posted:
Am I using the word correctly?

Hi, Ansonman—No, you are not using the word "write-up" in an idiomatic way. Your sentences would be more natural with "account" or "report" instead of "write-up." Perhaps you would like to study the definition that The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) gives for "write-up" along with the examples it provides:


write-up, n.

Originally U.S.

A written account or description commending or praising a person or thing. Now often more loosely, any journalistic account or review, whether favourable or not.

1885   Weekly New Mexican Rev. 19 Feb. 4/1   I have prepared quite an extensive ‘write-up’ of the resources of this country.
1887   Aberdeen (Dakota Territory) Republican 31 Dec. 2/2   The LaMoure Progress..has an elaborate write-up of its city and county.
1902   E. Banks Autobiogr. Newspaper Girl 22   What ‘write-ups’ they gave me, to be sure!
1910   Chambers's Jrnl. July 431/1   The ‘write-up’ and the interviews are prominent features.
1919   P. G. Wodehouse Damsel in Distress ii. 28   My missus says she ain't seen a livelier show for a long time... The Morning Leader gave it a fine write-up.
1933   P. Godfrey Back-stage viii. 102   In so far as a play is sensitively conceived..the newspaper write-ups of its story may be..extremely misleading.
1948   Penguin Music Mag. Oct. 29   He (or rather she) studies music with an eye sooner or later to engagement, a photograph in the ‘press’, and a ‘write-up’, as they call all criticism appearing in print.
1951   Sport 30 Mar.–5 Apr. 15/1   The critics..dismissed him in pre-fight write-ups as ‘another Phil Scott’.
1965   New Statesman 14 May 753/2   The Stern reporter..gave [Prince] Philip one of the worst write-ups of his career.
1973   P. Evans Bodyguard Man xviii. 117   He..never gives me a good write-up unless I've played really well.
1985   Contact (Pre-School Playgroups Assoc.) Feb. 14/2   They prepared a paper summarising their findings... This was circulated to the press, who gave a good write-up.


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