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Yes, both "used to" and "would" are fine in your sentence.

"Used to" is used to express an activity that is ongoing OR that happens from time to time. "Would," however, is used ONLY for an activity that happens from time to time.

For example:

Sally used to be a chubby child, but now she is svelte and glamorous.
NOT Sally would be......

The United States used to be a colony of England, but became an independent country after the Revolutionary War.
NOT The United States would be...


When we were children, we used to/ would visit my grandmother every summer.

Jack used to/ would get angry every time he was asked to do extra work, but now he accepts it as an opportunity.

In the past, the government used to/ would require that we fill out long forms every time we went to vote. Since the new administration, however, no long forms are required; everything is done quickly by computer.


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