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I would like to ask about the following sentence :

- I felt a sudden pain just now .

a ) Is the past in this sentence : unreal past ?

b) Is it true that ( just now ) is used with the
unreal past ?

c) Wouldn't it be better to say :

- I'm feeling a sudden pain just now ?

OR :

- I feel a sudden pain just now ?.

Please let me know your comment . Also please
tell me why ?.

Thank you very much .

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"Just now" can be used with either the simple past or the future forms. It's a straightforward indicative, not an "unreal" conditional. Quirk et al.* (1985) state:

"The combination just now is used at E [the end of a sentence] for either 'very recently' or 'very soon':

I saw her just now

I'm seeing her just now
I'll be seeing her just now" (p. 582)

If the speaker is experiencing the pain at the moment of speaking, the utterance would be

"”I feel/am feeling a [sudden] pain right now


*A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
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Can't we use "just now" with the present perfect?

- I have just now seen Tom.

Thank you.

'Just now' can be used with the present perfect, but this usage isn't included in our exams. In our exams, we either go with the past simple or the present progressive.

  • According to Michael Swan, 3rd edition, page '288':

When just now means 'a few moments ago', two positions are possible:

a) in end-position, usually with a past tense.

- I telephoned Ann just now.

b) in mid-position (see 24) with the verb, with a present perfect or past tense.

- I ('ve) just now realised what I need to do.

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