What a day!

Not at all!  It is certainly an indication that the day has been extraordinary in some way, but does not in itself indicate that it's been very good or very bad.  I might say "What a horrible day this has been!", or, "What a beautiful day this has been!".

Phil Keaggy, who is probably the greatest electric guitarist in history, left his band Glass Harp and released his first solo album in 1973.  The name of the album was "What A Day".  The title song speaks of what it will like when we all go to heaven:

Oh, what a day that will be.

It sounds like he means it as a good thing.

I've found a clip:

"What A Day" by Phil Keaggy

If nothing else, I hope you can appreciate Mr Keaggy's musicianship.  All those trumpet and violin sounds were made on his guitar with his little finger wrapped around the volume knob.  No synthesizers were involved.  And the man only has nine fingers.

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