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Hi, Me_IV,

@Me_IV posted:

I was told that this is wrong: What day will be tomorrow?

Yes, that is wrong because, if you treat "tomorrow" as a noun, and therefore as the subject of the question, you should say:

- What day will tomorrow be? (not idiomatic)

In the question:

- What day will it be tomorrow?

"tomorrow" is an adverb of time, and "it" is the subject.

@Me_IV posted:

DO you agree? If yes, why is this correct?

What man will come tomorrow?

In the question above, "what man" is the subject of the sentence.

A: What man will come tomorrow?
B: The man you know will come tomorrow.

Instead, in the previous question "what day" is the subject complement, since you don't answer: *Wednesday will be tomorrow but Tomorrow (it) will be Wednesday.

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