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"What's shaking?" means "What's going on?" or "What's happening?" These questions mean the same as "What's up?" You might answer:

"¢ Oh, there's a big party at the Center tonight. Are you going?
"¢ Haven't you heard? Classes have been canceled.
"¢ Not much.
"¢ Same old, same old.
"¢ I'm miserable. I just broke up with ....
"¢ I just won the lottery.

An infinite number of responses can be spoken.

On the other hand, the only appropriate response to "How do you do" is "How do you do?" The second speaker says the exact same words as the first speaker. After that, the first speaker proceeds with his/her conversation: "It's nice to meet you....please sit down....tell me about yourself," etc.

"How do you do" is quite formal. It's not REALLY a question, but a set phrase that serves to acknowledge a person at first meeting. After the introduction or the first meeting, "How do you do" is never used.

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