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Hi, poet 20, (and my greetings from El-Madina El-Monawara),

poet20 posted:

The shop, ..........I visited last week, has good souvenirs.

( which/where)   with explanation,please.

Thanks in advance. 

Choose: 'which'. There is an easy way to choose between 'where and which' here. Make a complete sentence without using any relative pronouns. That will be: I visited the shop. You see the object comes directly after 'visit' without using any propositions, which means that 'which' is the right choice. Change your example above to be: 

The shop..... I work, has good souvenirs. 

Making a complete sentence would result in: I work in a shop. There is a preposition and an object of a preposition after 'work' here, which shows that the right answer to my new example is: 'where', unlike the answer to your question above. That's the simplest way I can explain it to you. 


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