I'd like to ask about the variation of the question style.

Would you take a look at the following sentences?
1) Who was this CD produced by?
2) By whom was this CD produced?

3) Whom was this CD produced by?

I think 1) and 2) is correct. 2) is probably formal. However what I'd like to know is whether 3) is still grammatically acceptable or not. When you make a question sentence, do you sometimes use "whom"? Or is "whom" obsolete in the question?

Thank you.
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Most speakers would use the active form

"” Who produced this CD?


"” Who is/was the producer of this CD?

Of the two sentences, Sentence 1 is the more natural, and 2 the more formal, as Lina observes.

Sentence 3 is less natural for this reason: It has a preposition at the end, which is a mark of informal or standard usage, and "whom" at the beginning, which is a mark of formal style. The combination isn't incorrect, just somewhat incongruous.


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