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I still don't get why turning any place into a house where God is worshipped is distressing anyone and why it's the west's business.

Could anyone please tell me what did the writer mean by this sentence? "why it's the west's business."


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First of all, I'm glad you changed the original "and why is it the west's business," which is grammatically wrong, to "and why it is the west's business."

@Toaha posted:

Gustavo, I have added the source 💖

As I suspected, the source is a personal comment posted on some social media. In future, please be careful if you cite this kind of comments because they may hurt the feelings of some members, for political or religious reasons.

I will only focus on the meaning of "(not) being somebody's business." If I say something is not your business, or is none of your business, that means that there is no reason for you to be involved in it, that is, that the issue does not concern you. In this case, the person questions why this issue should concern the West, or why the West should be involved in this issue.

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