Hi, teachers.

I'd like to know your opinion concerning sentences like this one.

He studies hard. He "will pass _ is going to pass".

He doesn't study. He "won't pass _ isn't going to pass".

I found many references supporting "will". Longman's editor, Edmond Murphy and other websites. However, I had some argument with some people arguing for "be going to", while others choose "both options".

So, could you kindly tell me what to choose?will pass 252459018_2225818701016180_3707032216442765312_n56899535_2259624137635636_9170367111015432192_n


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Hello, Ayman,

That's just my take on your questions above.

There are many things that aren't taught about 'be going to & will' in our curriculum. One of these things is that both can be used for prediction almost interchangeably. That's why most native speakers see that both could work in most of our fabricated exam questions.

- I see that 'will' works well in your first two examples and in Sara' examples above. A simple question could help you to choose easily here: Are you talking about 'certainty' or 'proximity' because of present reality or evidence? If you are talking about certainty, use 'will'. If you are talking about 'proximity', use 'be going to'.

- See:

- Ali is running fast. He is going to win.

- He is dead tired. He is going to sleep.

(It is near. 'be going to' is related to the present).

- Ali runs fast. He will win.

- He is careless. He will never achieve his ambitions.

(It's my guessing based on my knowledge. 'Will' is always related to the future).

Sometimes both could work and be used interchangeably.

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Thanks for your concern. However, you added nothing more to solve the problem.

Concerning the natives' matter, I put references of native grammarians as well as websites. All support using "will".

Do those who support using "be going to" have any point or reference for their claim?

Is it OK to see "studying hard / not studying hard" as a "present reality" as Swan calls it?

Yet, we have another problem: S

Some say that "will" is the right option that no one "intends or decides" to fail by not studying.

That's why I'm asking our native teachers' opinion here in this forum.

I hope they can help me settle it down.

Anyway, thanks again, brother.

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