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@ahmed_btm posted:

I completely agree with Gustavo. The model answer is 'hadn't eaten'. However, I think 'didn't eat' could work if you meant to say:

- I feel ill. I wish it weren't my habit to eat so many sweets.

Yes, I agree with you both. With "didn't eat," the sentence makes me want to laugh, though. With its expression of regret about an ongoing habit of eating too many sweets, it makes his having eaten too many sweets prior to his feeling ill seem an unavoidable accident, the product of a bad habit.

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I wish + past simple is used to refer to an action or a situation thought otherwise to a present action or situation .

I find this bread stale . I wish I didn't eat it - this means I am having to eat this bread stale though and I wish it will be better for me to not eat it .

I wish + past perfect is used to refer to one's regret for one's past deeds or past actions

I feel ill . I wish I hadn't eaten this bread - this means I ate this bread and consequently fell ill and now I think it would have been better for me to have not eaten eat .

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