I have two questions.

First,which is correct?

1. She's probably not going to be ...
2. She probably isn't going to be ...

It was written to be like the sentences in the Answer key of 'Fundamentals of Emglish Grammar work book'.

One -> I'm probably not going to ...
another -> They probably aren't going to ...
another -> She probably isn't going to ...

Which one is correct?

Second, are the meanings of the following sentences different?

1. Maybe he will come to class.
2. Maybe he come to class.

and then, is No.2 possible?

Thank you!

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All the sentences you present in the first part are correct.

In the second part, the first sentence is correct, referring to a future time. The second sentence is not correctly formed for any tense, and has no meaning.

It would be possible to put the second sentence – with the "-s" in the third person singular in a context like this:

Does Martin ever come to class?
Rarely. Maybe he comes to class once per month.


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