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Hi Coco,

It would be easier to answer your question if you posted additional context. Do you have any?

One thing I can say, though, is that 'would' has a function in your sentence rather than a 'meaning'. In other words, the word 'would' is used for a certain purpose.

Depending on the broader context, the word 'would' may well be functioning just like the word 'would' in my first sentence in this post, which is a type 2 conditional sentence. In the case of your sentence, the condition (i.e. the part that would normally be in the IF-clause) would have been mentioned/stated/implied in the broader context.
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Dear Amy, I am sorry I can't give you any because it's only my exercise in which I have to change one sentence to another. In this case, I have to use "have difficulty in doing something" to change.I wonder if I keep "would".
Ex: It would be difficult for me to finish the work by the weekend.
=> I would have difficulty in finishing the work by the weekend.
=> I have difficulty in finishing the work by the weekend.
Thank you.

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