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Hi, Tony,

No, that isn't a suitable reply. That reply would show that the person either wasn't listening or doesn't speak English.

"Wouldn't you?," in that context, would mean "Wouldn't you do it?" But the other speaker has just said, "I would not do it."
    A: I wouldn't do it if I were you.
    B: Wouldn't you? Why?
    A: Didn't you hear me? I said I wouldn't do it.
    B: Oh.
Speaker (B) should have placed "why" in front of "wouldn't you": "Why wouldn't you?" That would be a suitable reply.

Note: "Wouldn't you?" by itself could work as a reply, but it could not be followed by "Why?" "Wouldn't you?" would be asking the first speaker to reconsider his statement that he wouldn't do it:
    A: I wouldn't do it if I were you.
    B: Aw, c'mon, wouldn't you? You know you would.
Thank you so much, David and Bazza.

Unluckily, neither "Why wouldn't you" nor "Why not?" is mentioned in the 4 options. In the test I read, "Wouldn't you? Why?" is the correct answer Frown.

If "Wouldn't you? why?" is not correct, then which of the following will be the best choice?

a. I'd rather you didn't.
b. Would you, really?
c. It's out of the question.

Many thanks. (Those answers are from a test)
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Hi "new and improved" Tony. Smile

I agree with David's assessment in general. I agree that 'Wouldn't you?' would not be natural for the intended purpose.


It would be completely natural to word it this way:

A: I wouldn't do it if I were you.
B: You wouldn't? Why (not)?

The words 'You wouldn't' are not really a question in this case -- though the intonation would be that of a question. This is more an utterance of surprise using a partial repetition of what speaker A has just said.
In this case, I don't see the use of 'not' after 'Why' as absolutely necessary since the idea of 'not' is already included in 'You wouldn't. Having said that, I think most people would say 'Why not'?
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Thank you Amy. "The new" me again Smile

The above issue is what I read from a test. The 4 options are as exactly as are stated above. I had to think a lot, considered each option, eliminated one after one,and finally decided the best option in this case was "Wouldn't you? Why?", which is the official answer.

I just wanted to share and wish those test makers could read this and would be more careful later.
Once again, thank all of you so much for the contributions.
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