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October 2022

a similar trip to you

Hi, Which of the following sentences do you think is okay? a. We did a similar trip to you, but in reverse. b. We did a similar trip to yours, but in reverse. I'd appreciate your help.Read More...
Over the years, I've accumulated page after page of such errors, from both Oxford and Longman. It might be a good idea to let them know, but they seem to take a relaxed attitude to examples in their publications.Read More...
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Could "reading" be ambiguous?

See the bold...the worry is that someone could simply have been "reading" as opposed to reading "about Generative Grammar" (I know that it's a weird interpretation to not attached "reading" to "about", but I'm just curious about this sort of ambiguity): Norbert Hornstein is a professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of Maryland —he’s been reading and thinking about Generative Grammar and its philosophical consequences since first reading Language and Mind as an undergraduate 50...Read More...
I think that there's even an ambiguity regarding whether the bold attaches to "to be able to": I was honored and thrilled to be able to ask Hornstein about linguisticsRead More...
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