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May 2021

Build out of or build with?

He built his house out of bricks or He built his house with bricks? Or both?Read More...
Hi, Brunacontro—If a house is built out of bricks, it is a brick house, bricks forming the primary material of the structure of the house. If a house is built with bricks, bricks were involved in the building of the house, whether as part of the structure of the house or as something used in the process of building it. However, a house built with bricks could be primarily of a different material.Read More...
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"into [practice / practising] every day"

Hello, everyone, In the sentence, " Although he knew he would never be a valuable player in any of the team's games, he poured his heart and soul into practice every day .", can I replace the noun " practice " into the gerund form, " practising "? While I know the noun form is preferred in the place of prepositional object, which is the place of " something " in " put/pour one's heart into something ", I just think the verbal noun - gerund is more effective way to express " to practice every...Read More...
Hi, Gustavo, I'm very fortunate and glad especially to have your reply during even weekend.Read More...
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